Through the Jenin Region’s almond groves, Ottoman-era palaces, Byzantine churches, Mediterranean landscapes, windy mountain peaks, and hidden Roman ruins, the stories of the landscape become clear.

The rural setting of the Jenin Region gives a way to city noise as the trail approaches Nablus, nestled between two looming mountains. The city, famed for products such as olive oil soap and the sweet, cheesy knafeh, is known for its old city that can be explored through a network of labyrinthine streets where one will find old spice mills, Turkish bathhouses, and splendid manors. On the top of neighboring Mt. Gerizim, the Samaritans, a tiny group once nearly extinct, preserve their religion and priesthood on their holy mountain. Across the city of Nablus, between the modern buildings, can be found remains of the once-great Roman city of Neapolis.

Jenin Regional Map

Hike through the olive groves of the north and visit the ancient church of Burqin.

Enjoy the olive harvest atmosphere and pass through the impressive Ottoman Palaces of Arraba.

Meander between the olive trees of the region, view the lush agricultural valleys and climb the steep hill to reach the Castle of Sanur.

This demanding hike will take you through the most interesting places of the region. Sebastiya is a home to great archaeological and architectural treasures.

NameAreaLanguages SpokenContact InformationOther servicesParticular Interests
Mohammad AtariJeninArabic, English(+970)0568437949
Flora/fauna, history, archaeology
StageLocationNamePrice RangeContact InfoAmenities
1BurqinMaha Khalaf Homestay$(+970)597619930meals, wi-fi, kitchen
1BurqinUsama al-Saiegh Homestay$(+970)599840323meals, wi-fi, kitchen
2ArrabaAl-Mardawi Guesthouse$(+970)599722591meals, wi-fi, kitchen
2ArrabaHana’ Hamdan Homestay$(+970)599292972meals, wi-fi
3SanurRabie Wild Ali$(+970)569105560meals, wi-fi
4SebastiyaSebastia Guesthouse (Municipality)$(+970)599789631meals, wi-fi, kitchen
4SebastiyaQasr al-Kayed$(+970)599473646meals, wi-fi
5NablusAl-Yasmeen Hotel$(+970)-(0)-9-2333555meals, wi-fi, kitchen

There are no exact schedules for the following transportation options. Buses and services (orange shared taxis for up to seven people; pronounced servees) usually start driving when they are full. Most transportation stops operating at sunset. The transportation might be less frequent on Fridays, especially between 12-2pm. Prices are subject to change.

Jerusalem via              Al-Azariya or Bethlehem107kmBus or Taxi~60NIS
 Ramallah 90km Taxi 35 NIS
 Bethlehem 135km Taxi 55 NIS
Nablus41km Taxi 15 NIS
 Sebastiya33km Taxi15 NIS
 Rummana12km Taxi5 NIS
Burqin4km Bus 5 NIS
 Arraba11km Bus 5 NIS
 Sanur13km Bus 5 NIS
 Ti’innik10km Bus 5 NIS
BurqinBurqin Ladies’ Center SocietyUmaima Khlouf
Tel: 0599046445/ 0597619930
Enabling women economically; awareness and psychological and financial support.Food production, handicrafts (embroidery, beads), olive oil soap.
ArrabaArraba Association for Women DevelopmentManar Khleif
Tel: 0598304982
Financial and social development of women and children.Food production (pickles, olive paste, jam, yogurt); embroidery.
SanurWomen Charitable SocietyWafa Kayed
Tel: 0599278643
Support women, children and handicapped.Dried herbs, eggplant pickles, maftoul, jam, labaneh.