People and Places

As you walk through Palestine, you’re bound to encounter the famous Palestinian hospitality. View the map on the right and explore the links below to discover the people and places of the Masar Ibrahim.



The Masar Ibrahim passes through 53 Palestinian communities as it crosses the West Bank.

Women’s Associations

Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil works closely with women’s associations along the trail. These associations host and cater meals for travelers, and most offer traditional handicrafts.


Whether staying in a Palestinian family’s home in a rural village or in a Bedouin tent deep in the desert, travelers on the Masar Ibrahim have the opportunity to experience traditional Palestinian hospitality.


Through regional stories and first-hand accounts about their life, guides offer travelers a window into Palestinian life.


The Masar Ibrahim passes through a region steeped in history, and along the trail hikers will pass numerous notable historic, cultural, and religious sites.