5: Kafr Malek to Al-’Auja

Experience one of the most stunning valleys of the area and admire its natural richness.

Following a small road from Kafr Malek, the trail zig-zags down a hillside riddled with the remains of Roman cisterns and graves on its way to the Ein Samia Valley. After reaching the valley, the trail crosses a larger paved road and continues past fields of zatar before before following a path out of the valley bottom past the remains of an old Byzantine era church.

After crossing a ridge the path drops down into Wadi al-’Auja, a deep, rugged wadi that runs from Ein Samia (Samia Spring) down to Ein al-’Auja (Al-’Auja Spring) in the Jordan Valley. Wadi Al-’Auja is home to an impressive array of plant life as it descends from the higher elevations of the Palestinian highlands to a point around 50m below sea level at Ein al-’Auja, a popular, local picnic spot.

From Ein Al-’Auja, the trail follows the wadi and ancient Roman aqueducts, used divert water from Ein al-’Auja to Jericho, past the ruins of a Byzantine church and onto the Al-’Auja Bedouin community.

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Walking Notes

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Elevation Profile

Kafr Malek to ‘Al-Auja Stage Elevation Profile

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In the Nablus Region

Kafr Malek to Al-‘Auja

Distance: 14.1km
Time: 5-7 hours
Challenge: Moderate

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Stage Logistics:

Sites and Highlights

  • Ein Samia Valley
  • Khirbet al-Marjama
  • Kafr Malek
  • Al-‘Auja

Food and Water

For the hike take:

  • at least 3 litres of water
  • snack

Food and water can be purchased in Kafr Malek.


Find your guide: here.


  • Auja Guesthouse

Local Products

Stop by Women’s Centres in Kafr Malek and Al-‘Auja to stamp your Hiker Passport and possibly purchase locally made goods.


  • Kafr Malek can be reached from Ramallah or Nablus with a shared taxi for around 24 NIS.

Notes and Tips

  • Remember about sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses)

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