4: Tuqu‘ to ’Arab ar-Rashayida

Encounter the Bedouin hospitality. Your hosts will make sure to take you to the best lookout on the Dead Sea in the area.

This hike will take you from Tuqu’ through Wadi el-Jihar to ‘Arab ar-Rashayida village. Here in Bedouin lands you will see their camels and livestock in pastures. The path descends into the spectacular Wadi el-Jihar, a deep limestone canyon in the desert. The caves there have been used for homes for a long time.
The hike from Tuqu’ to Wadi el-Jihar will take about 4 hours; the terrain is rocky, with a few small climbs. Once you emerge from the valley and come to ‘Arab ar-Rashayida village, you will have the opportunity to try a traditional Palestinian meal at one of the homestays there.
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Walking Notes

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Elevation Profile

Tuqu’ to ‘Arab ar-Rashayida Stage Elevation Profile

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In the Bethlehem Region

Tuqu’ to Arab ar-Rashaiyda

Distance: 24.3km
Time: 7-9 hours
Challenge: Difficult

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Stage Logistics:

Sites and Highlights

  • Tuqu’
  • Jihar Valley
  • ‘Arab ar-Rashayida Bedouin Community

Food and Water

For the hike take:

  • at least 3 litres of water
  • snack

Food and water can be purchased in Tuqu’.

Enjoy a meal at the ‘Arab ar-Rashaiyda Bedouin Tent.


Find your guide: here. The presence of a Bedouin companion is recommended.


Abu Ismael Bedouin Tent


  • Tuqu’ can be reached from Bethlehem with a shared taxi for around 5 NIS.
  • ‘Arab ar-Rashayida can be reached with a private taxi or car.

Notes and Tips

  • Remember about sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses)

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