Bethlehem Region

The Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil trail continues through the wilderness between the shrine of An-Nabi Musa and Mar Saba Monastery with scenery full of breathtaking views on remote desert mountains and valleys. Afterwards, the way meanders steeply up the hills towards Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. The town is a natural rest and recovery point for hikers. From there, the path continues to Artas, passing near ancient aqueducts, Solomon’s Pools, and the picturesque convent of Hortus Conclusus. This section ends in the historical village of Tuqu’ with a view on the Herodium (Jabal al-Fourdis), a fortress built by King Herod the Great.

Day Stages

1: Khirbet al-Mird to Tal al-Qamar (11.2km)

In Arabic, Tal al-Qamar means Hill of the Moon. The site, remote from the hustle and bustle of the city life, is a perfect spot to watch a full moon or stargaze.

2: Tal al-Qamar to Bethlehem (14.6km)

The winding trail will take you down into the Kidron Valley full of caves of various sizes which, in the Byzantine times, were inhabited by monks.

3: Bethlehem to Tuqu’ (14.5km)

After a visit to world heritage sites, the Old City of Bethlehem and Nativity Church, follow the fertile valley of Artas towards Tuqu’.

4: Tuqu‘ to ’Arab ar-Rashayida (24.3km)

Encounter the Bedouin hospitality. Your hosts will make sure to take you to the best lookout on the Dead Sea in the area.