Cost Estimates

The cost of travel depends on both location and your style: whether you go independently or book a tour; whether you camp, stay in guesthouses, or use homestays; and whether you cook your own food or eat prepared meals. Here are some typical costs for various things you’ll need to pay for while exploring the Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil.

Tip: Travel with a local guide on Masar Ibrahim is recommended; and there is not many camping options. Many villages along the way lack any accommodation options other than homestays, which have fairly standardized pricing; some towns and all larger cities do have a variety of accommodations available, though.

  • Tour guide, please contact a guide directly.
  • Family homestay (inc. half board): $40/€30/₪150 per person
  • Hotel in major city (double room): $60/€48/₪230
  • Dinner in casual restaurant: $8/€6/₪30
  • Dinner in mid-range restaurant: $15/€12/₪55
  • Falafel sandwich: $1.5/€1/₪5
  • Day’s worth of groceries from supermarket: $9/€7/₪35
  • Bus, Jerusalem to Bethlehem or Ramallah (10-20km): $3/€2/₪8
  • Bus, Ramallah to Nablus (35km): $5/€4/₪18
  • Minibus, major city to nearby village: $2/€1.5/₪5
  • Visa: Free on entry for most nationalities