Aqraba, is located 18 km southeast of the city of Nablus. The first community settled there more than 2000 years. The new village is located above the old village known as Aqrabeen. The latter dates back to the Roman period where the remains of reservoirs, foundations, a fort and other architecturally significant structures can be seen. There are many conjectures regarding the origin of Aqraba’s name, which in Arabic means “a scorpion”. It is said that the name was given at the time of the Canaanites because of the great strength of its people who were compared to scorpions. It could also have been derived from the word Aqrabeen, referring to a Roman queen in the Byzantine period, or from the Greek word Ocrabian, meaning an “area of difficulty”. Aqraba has an impressive old center consisting mainly of buildings dating back to the Ottoman times. Back then Aqraba was one of the throne villages of the District of Nablus and served as one of the administrative headquarters for the smaller villages surrounding it. The village used to support the olive oil soap industry by providing olive oil to the factories.

Practical Info


Aqraba is located in the Nablus Region.

The GPS coordinates for Aqraba are:

N: 32.12495

E: 35.34547


Aqraba Municipality: (0)9-2598301

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