Women’s Associations

Along the varied landscape the Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil, nestled in the villages of the five governances the trail passes through, are 17 women’s cooperatives in various stages of development. In addition to mapping and waymarking the trail for hikers’ recreation, the Masar Ibrahim supports these women’s cooperatives, keeping in mind a two-fold goal: highlighting cultural heritage and supporting local economies.

From the Masar Ibrahim’s northernmost point in Jenin through the five governances to Hebron, the women’s cooperatives along the trail provide both food products—such as shadeah, za’atar, yogurt, butter, pickles and jams, and handcrafts embellished with traditional Palestinian embroidery.

Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil aims at activating and empowering women’s role in the Palestinian society. To further support and promote their products, the Masar Ibrahim staff have been visiting these women’s cooperatives. The visits include interviewing the women, observing them at work on a particular project or food preparation and making short videos of these conversations and worksites.

The Masar continues to promote and assist the women in the sale of the things they make, provides trainings and seeks to understand how continued support can help them in the development of their products and enrich the life of each community of women.

The Masar Ibrahim staff is proud to showcase their work and welcomes comments and questions about the work and products of these women’s cooperatives.  We look forward to your support of their work.