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Design Competition: Design a Stand for Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil Promotional Materials


Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil Photo Exhibition in Hebron University 2017

Let this unique photo exhibition lead you along the path of history and be a window into to the Palestinian rural culture and traditions!

On Tuesday, 23rd of January 2017, Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil Touring Photo Exhibition was launched at its first location – Hebron University, Yasser Arafat Building. Within three months, between February and April 2017, the photographs are planned to be exhibited in various universities and colleges in Bethlehem, Nablus, Birzeit, Jenin and return to Hebron.

The images captured on Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil celebrate history, cultural heritage, and collective memory of Palestinian people. The exhibit documents, through captivating imagery, groups’ hikes along the cultural route that is rich in various Palestinian historical landmarks and iconic cultural sites. The photographs and informative panels give a lot of information about Palestine; its nature, landscapes, history, archeological, historical and religious sites. The photographs also show Palestinian hospitality and cultural exchange.

Through the exhibition Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil organization (MIAK) would like to encourage its audience, with a focus on Palestinian youth, to experience their country on foot and spend their time in nature. On the opening days at each university or college, representatives of MIAK team will provide students and journalist with a detailed presentation and will be there for any questions.

The touring photo exhibition is one of the activities of the project supported by Tetraktys and Afrat – French organizations partnering with Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil. The pictures were taken by Elias Halabi (link: https://www.facebook.com/EliasHalabiPhotography/) and Frits Meyst (https://www.facebook.com/meystphoto/).

Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil Touring Photo Exhibition Program:

23.01.2017 – 26.01.2017 – Hebron University – Hebron
14.02.2017 – 16.02.2017 – Bethlehem University – Bethlehem
21.02.2017 – 23.02.2017 – Al-Najah University – Nablus
28.02.2017 – 02.03.2017 – Birzeit University – Birzeit
21.03.2017 – 23.03.2017 – Politehnic University – Hebron

06.03.2017 – 09.03.2017 – Al-Aroub College – Hebron
11.04.2017 – 13.04.2017 – American Arab College – Jenin


My Journey to Hebron and Lamar Guesthouse

Lamar Guesthouse – On November 17th I visited the Lamar Guesthouse in the northern section of Hebron. I was driven through the Palestinian countryside from Beit Sahour to Hebron. After about a thirty minute drive, the taxi driver stopped by the entrance gate to the Lamar guesthouse.

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Masar Ibrahim al-Kahlil Organizes “Cultural Heritage in Hebron” Workshop

In coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism, the Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil organized a two-day workshop entitled “Cultural Heritage in Hebron”. Beginning on December 21st, the workshop explored ways to develop and increase information and experiences about the cultural heritage of Hebron.

Many people are only familiar with the Ibrahimi Mosque, so the workshop aimed at increasing information and expanding the larger Palestinian narration for the local people and the guides. The workshop was attended by Dr. Ahmed Al Rajoub of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, representatives from the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC), the ministry of Awqaf, tour guides and Masar Ibrahim staff.