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Design Competition: Design a Stand for Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil Promotional Materials


Memorandum of Understanding with The Holy Land Tour Operators Association

On December 16, 2016 – Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil and The Holy Land Tour Operators Association signed Memorandum of Understanding: Board Directors Mr. Ra’ed Sa’adeh of Masar Ibrahim and Mr. Sami Khoury of the Tour Operators Association met at the gala dinner at the Orient Palace Hotel in Bethlehem and agreed to collaborate to promote and market Palestinian tourism through planned activities, sharing experiences, workshops, courses, and familiarization trips so as to expand and spread knowledge that contributes to enhancing and developing community-based tourism as well as finding sustainable ways to expand the circle of tourism’s beneficiaries in Palestine.


First in the Middle East Trekking Guides Graduate from Bethlehem University

Bethlehem, Palestine – On November 4th, 2016 The Community Trekking Tour Guide Program of Bethlehem University held its first graduation of eighteen trekking guides. The Community Trekking Tour Guide Program is the first of its kind in Palestine and the Middle East. Representatives from the Palestine Ministry of Tourism as well as Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil and its partner organizations were present at the ceremony. These organizations work to develop community based tourism in Palestine along the Masar Ibrahim.


The Palestinian Women Hikers Club

The Palestinian Women Hikers Club has been created by Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil to encourage women to break out from their daily routines and spend time in a more relaxing way experiencing the nature of Palestine.

The club is designed for women because there are few such activities for them. Many women are busy with daily responsibilities, often including motherhood and work, and rarely have a chance to leave their hometowns, which are usually noisy urban spaces. That is why, we would like to make the natural areas of Masar Ibrahim trail more accessible for women and their families. The togetherness of a group and shared cost aims to motivate the club members to take part in the excursions.

“For a long time, I have seen people joining hikes but I have never hiked. So I really wished to try it and I liked it a lot. Since today, I always want to hike and follow your events,” said Diana Hilal, the Palestinian Women Hikers Club member.

Would you like to enjoy a walk in nature with your best girlfriends or meet new people?

Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PalestinianWomenHikers/