The Organization

Vision: Vibrant Palestinian communities in a sustainable environment for an enticing experience of Palestine’s cultural history along Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil.

Mission: Developing and promoting community-based tourism through Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil.

Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil Trail is a trail that runs through Palestine highland villages of Jenin in the North, down to the deserts in Jerusalem Wilderness and South to the amazing landscapes of Hebron.

Walking the trail takes the travelers into the memory of the Palestinian cultural heritage and identity of the people and invites them to discover the simple warm life of the local communities and the traditional hospitality in heart of the Palestinian lives.

Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil (MIAK) non-profit community-based tourism organization (Union) that delineates and develops a hiking trail in Palestine that is called “Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil trail”.

MIAK the organization works closely and jointly with many local communities to develop their cultural diversity resources, capacities, traditions, and heritage by encouraging friendships based on the adventure of human values and the preservation of the surrounding environment for local communities’ better life.

Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil partners and brings together the efforts, work and achievements of three organizations working in unison with Bethlehem University:

• Palestine Wildlife Society
• Rozana Association
• Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies