Cooperative for Rural Development- El Ezareya

“Cooperative for Rural Development- El Ezareya” is located in al Ezayreh village in East Jerusalem, it was established in 2010 with 15 members.

MIAK signed a cooperation agreement with the cooperative in 2018) and participated in several hospitality, marketing and food production trainings coordinated by MIAK  in 2018.

The cooperative has a food processing property where they produce Jam in 3 flavors, Labneh (traditional yougert), Makdoos (pickled eggplant), and chili; and they sell their labeled products to 120 supermarkets inBethlehem, Jericho, Hebron, Anata and Elezaryeh not to mention that they’ve just started to export their products to Qatar lately. On the other hand, they are helping other cooperatives to market their products through their network.

We recommend that you try their products whenever you are around.