Amira Jaber


My name is Amira Jaber I work for Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil since October 2010 At that time Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil was only an initiative launched from Harvard University, we were only two employees worked on this initiative. I was assigned as a Women and development coordinator on a GIZ project for 3 years my responsibility was not only dedicated in women centers along the path but also bringing the awareness about Community Based Tourism to local communities; through these spent days my colleague and I faced different scopes of challenges, one major challenge was in terms of the initiative; People looked at it as an idea that they may accept or refuse and not as an approach that will take place in the local communities and will make a change in their lifestyle, the Second was the local communities were very closed and conservatives the range of their acceptance to the idea of receiving tourists and host for an overnight was neglected due to social consideration. But we worked hard to establish this concept and to get progress with the key factors (influences) who were our target groups in the local communities inorder to spread our vision.

In 2013 Masar Ibrahim A Khalil registered in the competent ministry I worked as women and community development coordinator on the AFD project and the world bank project for 6 years

This period was full of learning as the AFD project objective was to transfer the French experience to Palestine.

In 2019 I was assigned to be responsible for a project targeted east Jerusalem as the Masar will be expanded to East Jerusalem