“My Heritage My Identity” project and its partner conducted A Refreshing course

“My Heritage my identity” project funded by European Union in cooperation with the French Agency for Developments through its implementing partners the Institute for Community Partnership- Bethlehem University, The Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between People-Beit Sahour , Masar Ibrahim al -Khalil, AFRAT and Tetraktys and in cooperation with Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and  The Arab Tour Guides Union-Jerusalem conducted one of MOTAs’ annual refreshing courses for the licensed tour guides. The course highlighted four topics that are related Palestinian Culture Heritage: The Olive Tree Culture in Palestine, The Maqamat, Landscape Rapture in the West Bank and Folklore tales and Orality, that were presented by specialized researchers.

125 tour guides participated in the course among which 12 were Trekking guides, partners of Masar Ibrahim.

On the side of the course, a short meeting was held between MIAK team including the Executive Director Mrs. Samah Qusmieh Awad and the 12 trekking partner guides to welcome them and discuss some point of mutual interest.