Hebron – Ayat Dardoun

There is  alot of contries you don,t know… me, i will tell the story of palestine to give you the nostalgia for my country and see you again one day

Ayat Dardoun ; from Dura, a town located southwest of Hebron city. I have a bachular degree in English and French. I hold also a diploma in Community trekking guide, and as well wilderness first aid.

Being a guide means a lot to me, it is the chance to practice my languages that i learned, have friends from all over the world and discover their cultures. It is also the chance to be able to present myself like a young muslim woman, ambassador of the young Palestinian generation who is full of joy and spontaneity.

I,am glad  when I can share my culture or that of Bedoins which is unique. During different trails, I like to explain the fauna and flora, historical and geographical information, and to admire the magnificent views with the tourists.

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