Thru-hike Completed November 18

Masar Ibrahim al Khalil, in cooperation with its partner, Siraj Center, held its Forth Thruhike for this month of the year, starting from the village of Rummana in Jenin to the village of Beit Mirsim south of Hebron. During the last days, a special completion evening was held in Hebron including a dinner where they recieved certificates of accomplishment at the end of the evening.

The participants expressed their gratitude and happiness to the team for taking the opportunity to walk 330 kilometers from the north to the south of the West Bank. The trail has contributed to changing the participants’ views and perspectives especially of the foreigners who came for the first time. ‘And then, suddenly, it was the end. For all the walkers there was satisfaction and pleasure in a walk which gave us physical challenge, great opportunities to meet local people and a deeper understanding of the social, political and cultural landscape here. For the six who walked the whole hike, there was a tremendous sense of achievement – now we can say we walked from one end of the West Bank to the other. We’re guessing not many from our countries can say that!” – Julie