Managing Ad-Dhahiriya Guesthouse

On Monday, a meeting was held in the Municipality of Ad-Dhahiriya between Masar Ibrahim staff, Mr. Ahmad Qaysia, the director of Public Relations in Ad-Dhahiriya Municipality, Mr. Kamal Jabareen, the manager of the municipality’s Guesthouse as well as the women of Adh-dhahiriya two women’s associations, Where the municipality will supervise the operation and management of the Guesthouse in cooperation with the two women’s associations. Thus, 10 women from the two associations were chosen and the action plan and the division of women’s roles were discussed. It was also agreed that the staff of Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil will organize a special management and hosting training for women at the end of this month for two days to provide women with the information and skills needed to manage the Guesthouse.