Sanur Women’s Club is located at the southern entrance to the village and in a fair distance to its center.

Aiming at marketing their handmade products, preserving their culture and reflecting a good image of their community, Sanur Women’s Club existed to make the change and to reflect the situation of women in the village in which they are strong and highly educated.

The 5 women of the club have worked with the Masar Ibrahim to enhance their skills. They have joined various trainings such as trainings in capacity building, writing proposals, planting and livestock care. They made a great use of those trainings to make high quality products that can be sold for visitors. Their products are bee wax cream, beads, straw plates, traditional food, pickles, soap, jam, zaatar, and embroidery. The club has a good works hard to promote their products and their center on social media and by participating in various exhibitions.

You can contact them via telephone: Fahmieh wild Ali: 0599727875

or Email:

Practical Info

Sanur – Jenin

telephone: Fahmieh wild Ali:



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