Design Competition: Design a Stand for Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil Promotional Materials

The competition is organized by Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil and their French partners AFRAT and Tétraktys as part of the Rural Development Project in Palestine in accordance with the following criteria.

AIM: To promote Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil by encouraging innovation and development among the Palestinian society.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? We would like you to design for us a display shelf / stand that would be located in tourist information centers of Jenin, Nablus, Jericho, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron – the main cities next / on the Masar Ibrahim. The display shelves / stands w be used to exhibit promotional material as brochures, maps and guide books about Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Create a digital design of the display shelf with full description of height, width, colors, used materials and a breakdown of their costs.  Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil  is responsible for the implementation of the design.

PRIZE: The Competition prize fund amounts to 1000$ + VAT. The prizes will be paid one time only in net amounts. The jury reserves the right to award several equal awards.

DEADLINE: The Competition is open as of 22 November 2017. The deadline for application to the Competition is 20 days following the announcement – 12 December 2017. All participants who have confirmed their participation shall  submit their application by e-mail at:

DETAILS: To know the details about the eligibility criteria,  evaluation criteria and other requirements download the detailed Terms of Reference for the Design Competition below.