Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil works closely with the local community to enhance the economic and social situation of the families.

Famous Sites along Masar Ibrahim

Famous Sites along Masar Ibrahim

Masar Ibrahim al Khalil is a trail that is rich of many historical, cultural, archaeological, religious, and spiritual sites.

Local Guides

Local Guides

Masar Ibrahim provides the service of Local Guiding to the hikers on the path. Local guides are available to help provide all information needed while walking

The Trail

The Trail

Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil is a trail that extends from the area west of Jenin to the area south of the Sanctuary of Abraham in the city of Hebron.

Masar Ibrahim al Khalil

Masar Ibrahim al Khalil is a trail of community-based tourism which follows the footsteps of Ibrahim through the Middle East. The story of Ibrahim’s journey, which has been kept alive for around four thousand years in the landscape and memory of this region, records the origin of a spiritual tradition shared by more than three billion people in the world today.

By retracing this journey, Masar Ibrahim al Khalil provides a place of meeting and connection for people of all faiths and cultures, inviting us to remember our common origins, to respect our cultural differences, and to recognize our shared humanity. The path also serves as a catalyst for sustainable tourism and economic development; a platform for the energy and idealism of young people; and a focus for positive media highlighting the rich culture and hospitable people of the Middle East.

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مُتعة ومغامرة واكتشاف

كان يومًا مميزًّا هذا اليوم ، الثامن من نيسان، حين انطلقنا ملءَ حافلةٍ كاملةٍ ضمّت ممثلي مؤسّسات بيت ساحور، وعلى رأسها بلديّة بيت ساحور بمشاركة رئيس البلديّة هاني ال

Opening of "Palestine; The Land of Hiking" Exhibition

Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil in cooperation with Bethlehem Municipality and in partnership with Tetraktys organization have successfully done the opening of the

Palestine Fam Trip 2016

Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil and Siraj Center for the Holy Land Studies in partnership with the French organizations, Afrat and Tetraktys, have successfully organized and

Lamar Guesthouse Opening حفل افتتاح فندق الإعمار

Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil and Hebron Rehabilitation Committee have successfully opened the Lamar Guesthouse which has been renovated and equipped by Hebron Rehabi

Interactive Map

Burqin to Arraba Arraba to Sanur sanur-to-sebastia Sebastia to Awarta Awarta to Duma Duma to Kufur Malik Kufur Malik to Auja Auja to Jericho Jericho to Nabi Musa Tal Al Qamar to Bethlehem Nabi Musa to Khirbet Al Mird Khirbet Al Mird to Tal Al Qamar Artas to Tequa’ Tequa’ to Hassasa Hassasa to Bani N’aim Bani N’aim to Hebron Rummana to Burqin

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